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We are happy to tell you more about ourselves! We are a ‘General Purpose’ Law Office. We handle cases that affect average individuals’ daily lives.

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Our staff take the time to care about you and your case. Our Attorneys take your phone calls, return your voicemails, and appear in Court on time. Our clients appreciate us, because we appreciate them first.

We represent our clients’ interests to the fullest extent, but we do not use under-handed or adversarial tactics. Our clients may be encountering their adversaries in the future–we see no point in aggravating or alienating the other side.

We have ethics. We are honest. We value our integrity. We want to help people whose pockets are not deep deal with their legal problems while still keeping our business going. We cannot handle a case in court for free. See Why does it Cost so Much?

Sometimes a problem can be handled with a letter written by an attorney or a phone call before it gets to the courts. We may be able to help you with this for a minimal fee.

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