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Clients protect their children’s future; clients gain peace of mind. When you’re vulnerable, when you’re worried about your home, we are here to help. When you don’t see your children enough, we campaign for you in Court.

By combining honest character with decades of experience, Nordgren Law Offices has satisfied hundreds of clients throughout Chicago.

Our Attorneys make the time to care about you and your case. Our Attorneys take your phone calls, return your voicemails, and appear in Court on time. Our clients appreciate us, because we appreciate them first.

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Our mission is to lead individuals and families through legal proceedings at a price they can afford.  Ask about our 90 Day Retainer Program. 

Call us at (312) 588-9100 to find out how we might help address and resolve your legal issues. We promptly respond to all inquiries and provide clients with information they need to make a responsible decision when selecting an attorney.

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6 thoughts on “About Us

  1. How do you become a real estate attorney, or family attorney, or bankruptcy attorney etc….. I know you have to take the LSAT to go to law school but do you specialize in law school the type of attorney you want to become?

    • That is a good question! Traditionally, law schools have not encouraged students to pick an area of the law, and focus on that, to the exclusion of others! They left it to summer jobs to give them a flavor of what a particular area of the law might be like. That may be changing somewhat recently. I read an article in the Chicago Daily Law Bulletin, that Chicago-Kent Law School was selling itself as a school that encouraged students to concentrate in a specialty area, as a way of making the student more attractive to potential employers. As a public interest attorney, who has spent much of my career working for non-profit organizations, doing legal services for lower-income individuals, including nearly 5 years teaching in the DePaul Legal Clinic, I believe the law school curriculum should be much more practical, and much less theoretical, so students could get a good idea of what practice in certain fields is like!

  2. I am Writting in Hopes, of talking to an Attorney in your firm who handles business transaction matters.

    get back to me if you can help.



    • Dear Mr. Knoll:

      Thanks for your note! I am seeing it for the first time today! I would be happy to speak with you about your business transaction. Please call me at your convenience at 312-558-9100. I look forward to hearing from you!

      Gerald Nordgren

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