Real Estate

Looking to buy a home?

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We focus our attention on the details of your contracts, rather than on how much money we can charge you. We can prepare and review the purchase agreements and all the necessary contracts you need in order to close on your new home. And we do this at an appropriate price.

Contact us as soon as you have a contract so we can advise you before the attorney approval deadline!
If the contract is bad, terminate while you can still get your earnest money back! Call (312) 558-9100 for more information.

Looking to sell a home?

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Nordgren Law Offices has decades of experience helping Clients securely transfer what is usually the most important investment in their lives–their homes. No procrastination–our attorneys get their work done before the deadlines.

Home in Foreclosure?

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We will work with you to try to settle the issues so you can keep your home.

Legal Issues From a Sale?

Sometimes a home inspection does not detect all the problems. Sometimes the seller has concealed them and lied on the sales documents. There may be problems that occur only during a “once in a century storm”. Such problems can be expensive to deal with. We can advise you on the wisdom of a lawsuit to force the seller to cover some of the costs or defend a seller when they had no idea that the house had such a defect. Call us at (312) 558-9100 to discuss it.

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