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How do I know if I have to go to Traffic Court?

A ticket marked “YOU MUST APPEAR” or “COURT APPEARANCE REQUIRED” is issued for a violation for which the violator must appear in court on the date and time indicated. Tickets do not all look the same (see examples)–check your ticket carefully.
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Why do I have to appear in Traffic Court?

The Illinois Supreme Court requires individuals cited for violations which create a great potential for harm or carry mandatory minimum penalties to appear in court to answer the charges.

Can they send me to jail because of a Traffic Ticket?

Traffic violations requiring a court appearance are distinguished in the following way: those for which the only punishment on conviction is a fine (petty offenses) and those for which the punishment on conviction can be a jail sentence. Traffic violations that can result in a jail sentence are known as misdemeanors.

Persons charged with such offenses should consult an attorney immediately. Even if they have to pay only fine, a judgment of guilty results in a criminal record which can never be expunged.
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What Traffic Violations are Petty Offenses (NOT Misdemeanors)?

The following is a partial list.

  • failing to secure a child in a moving vehicle
  • driving without a valid license or permit
  • driving an uninsured vehicle
  • passing a school bus while loading children
  • speeding in excess of 20 mph but not over 26 mph over limit
  • speeding in school zone when children are present
  • speeding in construction zone when workers are present
  • violation of cruising zones
  • using an alley as a through street in violation of signs
  • failing to yield to an emergency vehicle

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What Traffic Violations are Misdemeanors?

  • driving under the influence (DUI)
  • driving on a suspended or revoked license
  • speeding 26 mph or more in excess of the limit
  • drag racing
  • reckless driving
  • leaving the scene of a property damage accident
  • fleeing or attempting to elude the police
  • driving a commercial vehicle while license is suspended, revoked or driver has been placed out of service
  • any other Class A or Class B misdemeanor

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What will happen in court on my court date for a Petty Offense?

Your trial will be held on that date. Moving the trial to another date (getting a continuance) will happen only if there is a very good cause.

Do I need an Attorney for court for a Petty Offense?

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What will happen in court on my court date for a Misdemeanor?

The initial court date for a traffic violation classified as misdemeanor is an arraignment date. This is not a trial date. The trial date will be set at the arraignment.

Do I need an Attorney for court for a Misdemeanor?

Yes. Persons charged with a misdemeanor should appear in court with an attorney. Illinois Law requires that you have an attorney to defend you if you could go to jail if convicted.


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