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Attorney Gerald Nordgren was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. After graduating with honors from the University of Illinois, he graduated from Northwestern University Law School and was admitted to the Illinois Bar in 1979 and the Federal Trial Bar in 1983.

Gerald P. Nordgren has advocated for thousands of clients since 1979. As a battle-tested, passionate and empathetic attorney, he is able to bring a wealth of information and expertise to you on your particular law issue. He is a skilled litigator, and has developed a reputation among many judges, as a strong advocate, who can be trusted to clearly communicate the truth concerning a particular case. He also has considerable negotiation experience, including teaching at multiple law schools.

His practice covers many areas: see Practice Areas.

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In 1983, Mr. Nordgren co-founded the Austin Christian Law Center (ACLC) and served as the Director of Legal Services there until 1988. He has served as an adjunct instructor at DePaul and Northern Illinois law schools, as well as a full-time Supervising Attorney at the DePaul Legal Clinic from 1990 to 1994. In 1995, Mr. Nordgren began his service with the Austin Circle Law Center of Chicago Legal Clinic, Inc., as the Director of Legal Services, then as a Supervising Attorney, until 2009. In 1998,

Mr. Nordgren was also appointed Special Commissioner for the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Since 2007, he has often been appointed to serve as a Special Representative in Foreclosure Court. Since 1986, Mr. Nordgren has served as Guardian ad Litem and Children’s Representative in Domestic Relations Court
Mr. Nordgren has been humbly honored to receive several awards and participate in several memberships during his service as an attorney, including:.

  • Christian Legal Society, Christian Legal Aid Staff Award, 2005
  • National Litigation Academy Honor Corps, Member, 2006
  • Christian Legal Society, since 1977 (Member of the Legal Aid Committee and Public Ministries Committee)
  • Chicago Bar Association, since 1980
  • Illinois State Bar Association, since 1979
  • West Suburban Bar Association, since 1989

Gerald P. Nordgren - Attorney at Law


He has been successful in resolving problems and disputes that other attorneys with less experience would not have been able to resolve. When seeking advice, you need a professional with experience and a practice devoted to your problem.

Mr. Nordgren and his wife, Nancy, have been married for over 40 years. They have a daughter, Rachel, and a son, Caleb. Mr. Nordgren and his family are deeply involved in their church.


Gerry was my mentor when I started my legal practice. I could not have hoped for a more ethical and knowledgeable lawyer to introduce me to the law. Gerry showed me how he uses his extensive (and impressive) legal knowledge to resolve cases efficiently, economically and with dignity for the litigating parties.”

– Marie Fahnert, Attorney

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Gerry for the past 7 years. I first met him when I interviewed to work as a PILI Intern for the Chicago Legal Clinic. As a young law student who was very much intimidated by the idea of working with “real” lawyers, Gerry was a refreshing, kind spirit who took the time to learn about me and my interests. I recall him expressing to me that I was called for an interview because my cover letter didn’t simply brag about my accomplishments but instead discussed my sincere interests in serving the public. As time went on, Gerry became a close mentor of mine. Not only was he there when I needed work to fill my spaces of unemployment but he has always been there to lend sound advice or to be a listening ear when I needed it. Nordgren Law Offices is a wonderful firm. The kindness and professional nature of the staff Gerry has surrounded himself with is a true testament to the qualities that he, himself, exudes. As a young solo practitioner, I aspire to have a firm like Gerry’s…one that effectively serves people in a loving but yet formidable way. I Thank Gerry for being my mentor and for being such an added value to the legal profession.”

-Katrice Hall, Attorney @ Hall Legal Agency

“With a record of service and commitment, time and responsibility (matched only by Chuck Hogren), this modest “giant” of Christian legal aid (Attorney Nordgren) has devoted nearly all of his professional life to the service of clients and the teaching of lawyers and law students. He has served for many years as the Director of the Austin legal aid clinic in Chicago, and also as a law professor at a leading law school. His efforts, along with those of key assistants like Jim Godlewski, Barry Boykin and others created a most effective program in a major city. He recruited the then largest panel of volunteers at an early stage of CLA; and Gerry also has been a consistent leader and teacher in national CLA training sessions conducted annually by the Christian Legal Society.”

– John D. Robb, (Author of Defending the Poor with the Love of God)

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