Why should I bother with a Will?

To make things better and simpler for those left behind when you die!

Without a Will:

Regarding what you leave behind…
  • Your property may not be distributed the way you want it to be!
  • It will be more expensive for those trying to settle the estate–they will need to post a bond.
  • The money you leave behind may be reduced because of the need to pay an attorney that the State appointed to oversee the distribution of your property.
Regarding any minor children you leave behind…
  • The State may appoint a person it determines will be a “suitable guardian” for your minor children. This person may have very different ideas about their education and nurture than you do.
  • Your children may receive their inheritance much earlier than you would want them to or without sufficient safeguards that they would not waste the money.
  • Your grandchildren may not receive equal shares of your estate.

For additional arguments on why you should have a will, see our Estate Planning blog and our Answers to Questions about Probate Blog.

If you want to ensure that your children or spouse receive a specific portion of your estate, a Will is the tool you need to use.

What does a Will include?

The complete name for a will is: Last Will and Testament.  

A Will is the written communication that allows you to:

  • Give instructions for the distribution of your assets and personal property.
  • Specify guardians for any minor children at the time of your death.
  • Specify who will make sure that the instructions in your will are carried out.

It sounds overwhelming but you don’t have to figure it out alone. When you have a conversation with our attorneys, you know your wishes will be accurately recorded for your loved ones. We will make sure that every contingency is covered to give your loved ones the best possible future when you are gone.

Picture of the end of a Will

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